Bamboo and Silk第2卷第1期出版
作者:與聞  發布時間:2018-11-07 10:14:49    由武漢大學簡帛研究中心主持編輯,Brill(博睿)出版發行的Bamboo and Silk第2卷第1期(Volume 2 Issue 1)於2018年10月出版。以下是目次(詳情請看:。

  On Reading Xiehou 邂逅 (“Chance Meeting”) as Xing hou 邢侯 (“Marquis of Xing”)
  Liu Gang (劉剛)

  Seeking an Audience in the Underworld and the Question of the Han Juridical Soul
  Ethan Harkness (郝益森)

  To Turn Soybeans into Gold: a Case Study of Mortuary Documents from Ancient China
  Jiang Wen (蔣文)

  From “Clothing Strips” to Clothing Lists: Tomb Inventories and Western Han Funerary Ritual
  Tian Tian (田天)

  Newly Unearthed Wooden Figures for Averting Misfortune from Yangzhou
  Cheng Shaoxuan (程少軒) and Liu Gang (劉剛)

  Summary of Research Published in 2015 on Bamboo and Wood Manuscripts from the Qin through Jin Dynasties
  2015 年秦漢魏晉簡牘研究概述 
  Lu Jialiang (魯家亮) and Li Jing (李靜)
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