Bamboo and Silk第3卷第1期出版
作者:與聞  發布時間:2019-11-26 09:37:37    由武漢大學簡帛研究中心主持編輯,Brill(博睿)出版發行的Bamboo and Silk第3卷第1期(Volume 3 Issue 1)於2019年11月出版。以下是目次(詳情請看:。


  A New Study of Past Interpretations of the Character “nai 柰” on the Geling Bamboo Slips
  葛陵簡舊釋 “柰”之字新考
  Song Huaqiang
  Research on Gods and Spirits in the Chu Manuscripts of Divination (Five Entries)
  Yan Changgui
  Explaining the Character “jin 銫” in Zi Gao 子羔: with a Discussion Concerning Shang Obtaining the Virtue of Metal
  Qiu Xigui
  The Tsinghua Manuscript *Zheng Wen Gong wen Tai Bo and the Question of the Production of Manuscripts in Early China
  Edward L. Shaughnessy
  Time Notations and Methods for Timekeeping in the Liye Qin Strips
  Chen Kanli
  A Comparative Reading of the Shuihudi Qin Daybook “Stars” Text and Ancient Theories on Astrological Divination
  Liu Xinfang
  Additional Notes on the Arrangement of the Qin Bamboo Manuscript Rishu 日書 and Saliu nian ri 卅六年日 from Zhoujiatai 周家臺
  Cheng Shaoxuan
  Some Remarks on the “Five Conquerors” Passage of the Han Daybook from Kongjiapo
  Liu Guosheng
  A Review of Scholarship in Western Languages on Qin Bamboo and Wooden Documents
  Olivier Venture and Marc Kalinowski
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